RAF WWII Modelling Reference and Resource Centre
This page is the jumping-off point to get to recommended references and modelling notes for RAF WWII subjects. I would like to build it into a useful starting point for anyone wanting to model an RAF WWII subject so please email me using the 'Contact' button on the left with any notes or information that would help achieve this. The only thing I can be sure of is these pages will never be finished !

NOTE - I model in 1/72 scale so any 1/48 coverage will depend on contributions from others. Please help if you can !
ALSO - I don't have (anything like) all the books and magazines ever published so suggestions for additions are welcome !

Important Note : For reasons of copyright I cannot reproduce most of the material listed in these pages. My intention is that you can identify the resource(s) most likely to help you and obtain them through a public library or local IPMS branch or modelling club. If this is not possible I am willing to respond to email but I can only spare a few minutes for any answers.

General RAF WWII References - including Squadrons, Pilots, Vehicles, Bases, Camouflage and Markings.

RAF WWII References and modelling notes by type (click on the first letter of the line for the link)
ALL - Books and Partworks covering many types/manufacturers
A - Airspeed, Armstrong Whitworth, Avro
B - Beech, Bell, Blackburn, Boeing, Boulton Paul, Brewster, Bristol
C - Consolidated, Curtiss
D - De Havilland, Douglas
F - Fairchild, Fairey, Fokker
G - General Aircraft, Gloster
H - Handley Page, Hawker
L - Lockheed
M - Martin, Martin Baker, Miles
N - North American, Northrop
P - Percival
R - Republic
S - Saro, Short, Sikorsky, Stinson, Supermarine
T - Taylorcraft Auster
V - Vickers, Vultee
W - Waco, Westland