RAF Bolt Head


Opened: summer 1941 - Closed: 25/4/45 .


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

16 Sqdn. (det)May 41May 41 ?LysanderChemical warfare training
421 Sqdn. (det)30/6/428/7/42Spitfire VB14 a/c det to Exeter & Bolt Head
310 Sqdn. (det)21/8/4226/6/43Spitfire VB & VCMain base Exeter
257 Sqdn. (det)21/9/428/1/43Typhoon IA & IBMain base Exeter
10 Grp Comms Flt (det)Feb 43Oct 43?
263 Sqdn. (det)15/3/4319/3/43WhirlwindMain base Warmwell
610 Sqdn.26/6/4319/12/43Spitfire VB & VC
266 Sqdn.7/3/4412/3/44Typhoon IB
234 Sqdn.18/3/4429/4/44Spitfire VB
41 Sqdn.29/4/4416/5/44Spitfire XII
276 Sqdn. (det)May 44Sep 44Walrus, Anson, Sea Otter, Spitfire VBAir Sea Rescue
610 Sqdn.16/5/4424/5/44Spitfire XIV
41 Sqdn.24/5/4419/6/44Spitfire XII
652 Sqdn. (det)?/6/448/6/44Auster IV4 a/c of B Flight en route Normandy
263 Sqdn.19/6/4410/7/44Typhoon IB
611 Sqdn.17/7/4430/8/44Spitfire LF.VB (?) and IXRe-equipped in July 44
275 Sqdn.7/8/4422/10/44Walrus, Anson, Spitfire VCAir Sea Rescue
275 Sqdn. (det)Oct 44Feb 45Walrus, Anson, Spitfire VCAir Sea Rescue


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Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
AusterIV652 SqdnIWM onlineFLM 2578V
AusterIV652 SqdnAircraft For The Many213/4V
SpitfireXII41 SqdnEB.BMB882Action Stations Revisited 445R