RAF Chivenor


Opened: November 1940 - Closed: 24/3/95 for flying, 1/10/95 (transferred to Royal Marines).


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

3 (Coastal) OTU24/11/4029/7/41Blenheim, Beaufort, Ansonredesignated 5(Coastal) OTU
252 Sqdn.1/12/406/4/41Blenheim IF & IVF, Beaufighter IC
272 Sqdn.3/4/4128/5/41Beaufighter IC
5 (Coastal) OTU1/8/4129/7/41Beaufort, Anson/Oxford
1417 Flight8/1/424/4/42Wellington VIIILeigh Light Trials unit - became 172 Sqdn.
172 Sqdn.4/4/421/9/44Wellington VIII, XII, XIV
77 Sqdn.6/5/425/10/42Whitley V
235 Sqdn.16/7/4221/1/43Beaufighter IC & VIC
279 Sqdn (det)15/8/4219/8/42Hudson
547 Sqdn.10/12/4222/1/43Wellington VIII
59 Sqdn.Dec 4227/3/43Fortress IIAdet. only to 6/2/43
404 Sqdn.22/1/432/4/43Beaufighter II & XI
407 Sqdn.1/4/433/11/43Wellington XII & XIV
547 Sqdn.2/4/4331/5/43Wellington VIII & XI
192 Sqdn. (det)summer 43summer 43some or all of Mosquitos, Wellingtons and Halifaxes
612 Sqdn.25/5/431/11/43Wellington XIII
407 Sqdn.2/12/4329/1/44Wellington XII & XIV
612 Sqdn.3/12/4326/1/44Wellington XIII & XIV
ASV Training Flight/UnitJan 44 ?20/6/45Wellington XII, XIII & XIV
304 Sqdn.19/2/4421/9/44Wellington XIV
612 Sqdn.1/3/449/9/44Wellington XIV
407 Sqdn.28/4/4424/8/44Wellington XIV
179 Sqdn.6/9/4421/9/44Wellington XIV
36 Sqdn.26/9/449/3/45Wellington XIV
179 Sqdn.23/10/441/11/44Wellington XIV
14 Sqdn.24/10/4425/5/45Wellington XIV
407 Sqdn.11/11/444/6/45Wellington XIVDisbanded
459 Sqdn.14/3/4510/4/45Wellington XIII
254 Sqdn.29/6/4526/11/45Beaufighter X
248 Sqdn.19/7/458/12/45Mosquito VI
Station Flt.19451956various
517 Sqdn.3/11/4521/6/46Fortress II & III, Halifax IIIDisbanded
517 Sqdn.30/11/4521/6/46Halifax IIIDisbanded
248 Sqdn.17/12/4530/5/46Mosquito VI
CCFATU6/1/4621/2/46Martinet, Hurricane IIC, Spitfire LF.16EDisbanded - Coastal Command Fighter Affiliation Training Unit
26 Sqdn.24/9/4623/10/46Tempest F.2
691 Sqdn.4/10/4611/2/49Vengeance TT.IV, Martinet TT1, Harvard T2B, Spitfire LF.16E, Oxford T.2Renumbered 17 Sqdn.
203 AFS15/10/4719/7/49Spitfire XVI & XIX, Martinet, HarvardAdvanced Flying School
17 Sqdn.11/2/4913/3/51Martinet TT1, Harvard T2B, Spitfire LF.16E, Oxford T.2, Beaufighter TT.10
5 Sqdn.26/10/4913/3/51Martinet TT1, Harvard T2B, Spitfire LF.16E, Oxford T.2, Beaufighter TT.10, Vampire F.3
OFU17/7/5019/3/51various inc. BuckmasterOverseas Ferry Unit
229 OCU28/3/512/9/74Vampire FB.5 & T.11; Meteor F.8 & T.7; Sabre F.4; Hunter 1,4,6,7,9,10; Tempest TT.5, Chipmunk and more ?Comprising, at various times, of the following Reserve sqdns.: 63; 79; 145; 234. Also a Forward Air Controller Flight, Towed Target Flight and Fighter/Recce Flight.
1 RNCUMay 52??Radar Navigation Conversion Unit
275 Sqdn.Nov 54Oct 57 ?Sycamore, WhirlwindE Flight, became A Flight of 22 Sqdn.
22 Sqdn.Jun 56 ?currentWhirlwind, Wessex, Sea KingA Flight only
Hunter Flt.24/7/61?HunterHunter Flight, Fighter Command Instrument Rating Squadron
624 VGS3/9/65current ?Cadet, Sedbergh, Prefect, Venture, VigilantkVolunteer Gliding School
1 TWU det.1/8/801/4/81Hawk63 (Reserve) Sqdn. Became 2 TWU
2 TWU1/4/811/4/92HawkTactical Weapons Unit with 63 and 151 (Reserve) Sqdns
7 FTS1/4/9230/9/94HawkFlying Training School formed from 2 TWU with 63 & 151 (renumbered 19 & 92 from 1/9/92) (Reserve) Sqdns.
4 FTS Weapons det.1/10/9414/3/95 ?HawkReally from Oct 92 ?
Exercise ‘Hill Foil’May 95May 95Harrier GR7
Exercise ‘Hazel Flute’Sept. 95Sept. 95Harrier GR7
Hawk Support Flight1/9/95 ?1/10/95 ??To support 4 FTS detachments (but last Hawk flight from Chivenor was 17/3/95 !)


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
AnsonT21SFWD415Aviation News Vol22 No9398R
AnsonT21SF-WD415Devon Aerodromes35R
BeaufighterIC252 SqdnPN.WR2153RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)20R
BeaufighterIC252 SqdnPN.BR2198RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)19R
BeaufighterTFX254 SqdnQM.HRD438RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)40R
BeaufighterTT1017 SqdnUT.10RD751Aviation News Vol22 No9394R
BeaufighterTT1017 SqdnUT.10RO751Devon Aerodromes27R
BeaufighterX254 SqdnQM.HRD438Coastal Command (Ashworth)197R
BeaufortI3 (C) OTUDIN1113RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)18R
BeaufortI5 (C) OTUDL9812RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)18R
Buckmaster11 OFU-RP232Devon Aerodromes29R
CadetTX3624 VGS-XE802RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)116R
ChipmunkT10229 OCU-WP848RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)85R
FortressIIA59 SqdnBFK212Coastal Command (Ashworth)92R
FortressIII521 Sqdn-HB786RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)42R
HalifaxIII517 SqdnX9.CLV839RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)39R
HarrierGR73 SqdnWV ?ZG478RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)124V
HarrierGR74 Sqdn-ZG859RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)124V
HarvardT2B203 AFSTO.JFX443RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)49R
HawkI2 TWUZXX340RAF Flying Training & Support Units (2nd ed)271R
HawkT1151R Sqdn 2 TWUZXX285 ?Aviation News Vol22 No9399R
HawkT1151R Sqdn 2 TWUWXX322paulnann.com-R
HawkT1151R Sqdn 2 TWUYXX345RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)94R
HawkT119R Sqdn 7 FTS158XX158RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)123R
HawkT119R Sqdn 7 FTS-XX231RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)119R
HawkT12 TWUHXX334RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)93R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU199XX199paulnann.com-R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU217XX217paulnann.com-R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU-XX255RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)101R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU255XX255RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)95R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU-XX278RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)98R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU288XX288RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)92R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU289XX289RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)98R
HawkT163R Sqdn 2 TWU289XX289Aviation News Vol22 No9399R
HawkT192R Sqdn 2 TWUXX178Aviation News Vol23 No6FrontR
HawkT192R Sqdn 7 FTSQXX167Aviation News Vol22 No9398R
HawkT192R Sqdn 7 FTSMXX178RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)119R
HawkT192R Sqdn 7 FTSHXX204RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)122R
HawkT1A151R Sqdn 2 TWUWXX322Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A151R Sqdn 2 TWU-XX329Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A151R Sqdn 7 FTS-XX281Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A19R Sqdn 7 FTS219XX219RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)104R
HawkT1A208R Sqdn317XX317RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)121V
HawkT1A4 FTS2XX351RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)120V
HawkT1A63R Sqdn 2 TWU-XX255Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A63R Sqdn 2 TWU-XX278Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A63R Sqdn 2 TWU289XX289Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A63R Sqdn 7 FTS-XX230Xtradecal72-031R
HawkT1A74R SqdnTGXX199RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)121V
HawkT1A92R Sqdn 7 FTSKXX337RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)103R
HunterF1229 OCUES.AWT624Hunter Warpaint22R
HunterF1229 OCURS.DWT637Devon Aerodromes32R
HunterF1229 OCURS.DWT637Aviation News Vol22 No9396R
HunterF1229 OCUES.SWT696RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)63R
HunterF1229 OCURS.HWW606RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)63R
HunterF1229 OCURS.YWW644RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)64R
HunterF4145R Sqdn 229 OCU9XF974RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)73R
HunterF4145R Sqdn 229 OCU4XF991Hunter Warpaint27R
HunterF4145R Sqdn 229 OCU4XF991RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)73R
HunterF4234R Sqdn 229 OCUES.73XF938Devon Aerodromes34R
HunterF6145R Sqdn 229 OCU14XF383RAFDECRF7213R
HunterF6145R Sqdn 229 OCU3XG159RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)74R
HunterF6229 OCU12XF386St.Mawgan (Old Photos)104R
HunterF6234R Sqdn 229 OCU8XE591Hunter Warpaint27R
HunterF6234R Sqdn 229 OCU54XE608Aviation News Vol22 No9396R
HunterF663R Sqdn 229 OCU3XF439Xtradecal72-058R
HunterF663R Sqdn 229 OCU36XG172Hunter Warpaint27R
HunterF663R Sqdn 229 OCU58XG225RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)76R
HunterF679R Sqdn 229 OCU34XJ634Action Stations Revisited 477R
HunterF679R Sqdn 229 OCU44XK149RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)77R
HunterFGA979R Sqdn 229 OCURXE552St.Mawgan (Old Photos)113R
HunterFGA979R Sqdn 229 OCURXE552Xtradecal72-047R
HunterFGA979R Sqdn 229 OCUBXE651Aviation News Vol22 No9397R
HunterFGA979R Sqdn 229 OCU52XF435Hunter (Jackson,Airlife)52R
HunterFGA979R Sqdn 229 OCUEXG228Xtradecal72-047R
HunterFR10229 OCU13XE596RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)87R
HunterFR1079R Sqdn 229 OCU9XE626Aviation News Vol22 No9397R
HunterFR1079R Sqdn 229 OCU10XG168Hunter Warpaint36R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU89XL578RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)73R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU92XL579RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)68R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU93XL582Hunter Warpaint23R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU90XL586Aviation News Vol22 No9396R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU90XL586Devon Aerodromes34R
HunterT7145R Sqdn 229 OCU93XL592Xtradecal 72123R
HunterT7229 OCU82XL577Aviation News Vol22 No9397R
HunterT7229 OCU89XL578Ssd/Sig Hunter in Action27R
HunterT7229 OCUES.93XL592RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)67R
HunterT7234R Sqdn 229 OCUES.82XL577Xtradecal 72123R
HunterT7234R Sqdn 229 OCUES.82XL577RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)75R
HunterT7234R Sqdn 229 OCU92XL579Hunter Warpaint27R
HunterT7234R Sqdn 229 OCU84XL583Hunter Warpaint23R
Ju88A-5--HM509RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)20 & 21V
LancasterBVII/FEEFSFC-XRNX687RAF Flying Training & Support Units (2nd ed)26V
LancasterVIIEFSFC-XRNX687RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)44V
LightningF1Wattisham TFFAXM147Airliners.net-V
MartinetTT14 APCHJN680RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)40V
MeteorF(TT)8229 OCU-WH286RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)89R
MeteorF(TT)8229 OCUEWK941Aviation News Vol22 No9395R
MeteorF(TT)8229 OCU-WK941St.Mawgan (Old Photos)102R
MeteorF(TT)879R Sqdn 229 OCUWH291Aviation News Vol22 No9395R
MeteorF8229 OCUDWH360RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)65R
MeteorF8229 OCUEWK941Action Stations Revisited 477R
MeteorT7229 OCUES.VVW473RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)53R
MeteorT7229 OCU-WL349RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)88R
MeteorT7229 OCUWL349Aviation News Vol22 No9395R
MeteorT7229 OCUZWL349Xtradecal48-046R
MeteorT7229 OCUWL349Airliners.net-R
MosquitoFBVI248 SqdnDM.HRF610RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)41R
SabreF4229 OCUHXB741RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)60R
Sea King22 SqdnWZH542Action Stations Revisited 478R
Sea KingHAR322 Sqdn-XZ595RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)113 & 114R
SedburghTX1624 VGS-WB973RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)116R
SpitfireLF.XVI203 AFSHX.CTE441Action Stations Revisited 476R
SpitfireLF16e17 SqdnUT.NSL549Aviation News Vol22 No9394R
SpitfireLF16E17 SqdnUT.NSL549Devon Aerodromes28R
SpitfireLFXVIEKR.KRW390RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)48R
SpitfireLFXVIE203 AFSHX.NTE244RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)47R
SpitfireXVI5 Sqdn7B.ATE452RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)45R
SwiftFR52 SqdnGWK295Devon Aerodromes36V
SycamoreHR14275 Sqdn-XE317RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)105R
SycamoreHR14275 Sqdn-XJ364RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)106R
TempestTT5229 OCURS.30EJ660RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)56R
TempestTT5229 OCU-SN340RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)56R
VampireFB5229 OCURS.GVV452Devon Aerodromes30R
VampireFB5229 OCUES.HVV480Devon Aerodromes31R
VampireFB5229 OCURS.PVX977RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)57R
VampireFB5229 OCUES.HVZ170RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)54R
VampireFB5229 OCURS.CWA254RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)57R
VampireFB5OFU-WA242RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)52V
VampireT11229 OCU15ESXD383RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)59R
VentureT2624 VGS8XZ558RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)117R
VigilantT1624 VGS-ZH197RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)118R
WellingtonGR.XIV304 Sqdn2.AHF331304 Squadron (Mushroom)58R
WellingtonGRXIV14 SqdnCX.ONB829Coastal Command (Ashworth)139R
WellingtonGRXIV172 Sqdn1.PHF113/GRAF Chivenor (Old Photos)26R
WellingtonVIII172 Sqdn(WN).AHX379RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)25R
WellingtonVIII172 SqdnWN.AHX379Xtradecal 72079R
WellingtonXIV14 SqdnCX.ONB829Action Stations Revisited 474R
WessexHC222 Sqdn-XR497RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)112R
WessexHC222 Sqdn-XT604RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)111R
WessexHC222 Sqdn-XV730RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)112R
WhirlwindHAR1022 Sqdn-XJ476RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)107R
WhirlwindHAR1022 SqdnXJ729Coastal Command (Ashworth)216R
WhirlwindHAR1022 Sqdn-XP344RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)110R
WhirlwindHAR222 SqdnKXJ760Coastal Command (Ashworth)213R
WhirlwindHAR222 Sqdn-XJ763RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)106R
WhitleyV51 SqdnMH.FZ9217RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)22R
WhitleyV51 SqdnMH.FZ9217Model Alliance decals 72198R
WhitleyVII612 SqdnWL.GZ6633RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)21R