RAF Exeter


Opened: September 1939 (31/5/37 as civil airport) - Closed: October 1946 (continued as civil airport).


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

42 Sqdn.13/7/3717/7/37Vildebeest
FAA15/3/3923/3/43Skua803 Sqdn.
37 E&RFTS3/7/393/9/39Tiger Moth
02 det. RAE14/9/392/42Virginia,Battle,Harrow,P4/34,Welleslyofficially the Research Department Flight
416 Flight det.7/5/405/6/40Lysander
GRU3/6/4014/4/44variousGunnery Research Unit
213 Sqdn.18/6/407/9/40Hurricane
87 Sqdn.5/7/4028/11/40Hurricane
601 Sqdn.7/9/4017/12/40Hurricane
263 Sqdn.28/11/4024/2/41Hurricane, Whirlwind
504 Sqdn.18/12/4021/7/41Hurricane
93 Sqdn. det.19411941Havocearly 1941 for Pandora / Long Aerial Mine ?
66 Sqdn.24/2/4127/4/41Spitfire
307 Sqdn.26/4/4115/4/43Defiant, Beaufighter, Mosquito
317 Sqdn.21/7/411/4/42Hurricane, Spitfire
Exeter UAS 20/8/411943Tiger Moth
263 Sqdn30/11/41Jan 1943WhirlwindTwelve aircraft
247 Sqdn.Dec 41 21/9/42Hurricane
16 Sqdn.19421942Mustang I spring 1942
Station Flt.19421946various
1487 Flt. Det Mar 42 Aug 43 Lysander
308 Sqdn.1/4/427/5/42Spitfire
310 Sqdn.7/5/4226/6/43Spitfire
421 Sqdn. det. 29/6/428/7/42Spitfire
257 Sqdn.21/9/428/1/43Spitfire
21 Sqdn. det. 19421942Venturaautumn 1942
536 Sqdn. det. 19421942Havoc, Hurricane late 1942 (Turbinlite Havoc)
FAA19431943Swordfish, Seafire various FAA units throughout 1943
266 Sqdn.8/1/4321/9/43Typhoon
125 Sqdn.15/4/4314/11/43Beaufighter
124 Sqdn. det. 19431943Spitfirespring 1943
131 Sqdn.26/6/4316/8/43Spitfire
165 Sqdn.30/7/438/8/43Spitfire
616 Sqdn.17/9/4318/3/44Spitfire
19 Sqdn. det. 19431943Spitfireautumn 1943
406 Sqdn.15/11/4314/4/44Beaufighter
610 Sqdn. 4/1/447/4/44Spitfire
USAAFApr 44 Oct 44 C-47
275 Sqdn. 22/10/4412/1/45Spitfire
282 Sqdn. det 19441945variousautumn 1944 - early 1945
26 Sqdn. 8/12/4414/1/45Spitfire
278 Sqdn. det. 19451945Spitfire, Walrus early 1945
3 GTS Jan 45 Jul 45 Master II, Hotspur Glider Towing School
84 GS Jun 45 1/9/55Cadet, Sedbergh Gliding School
691 Sqdn. 1/8/4529/4/46variousTarget towing
329 Sqdn. 30/8/4517/11/45Spitfire
222 Sqdn. 11/12/458/7/46Meteor III
151 Sqdn. 19/4/4611/7/46Mosquito NF.XXX
10 RFS Apr 49 20/6/54Tiger Moth, Anson, Chipmunk Refresher Flying School
2 CAACU 18/3/5131/12/71Mosquito TT35, Hunter, Vampire, Meteor TT.20 etc... Target towing
624 VGS 1/9/553/9/65variousVolunteer Gliding School
4 AEF8/9/5827/12/95ChipmunkAir Experience Flight


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
BalliolT23 CAACUTWG213Devon Aerodromes73R
BeaufighterTT103 CAACUTRD854Devon Aerodromes70R
ChipmunkT104 AEF-WP833RAF Chivenor (Old Photos)117R
GauntletII151 Sqdn-K5354Devon Aerodromes48V
GauntletII54 Sqdn-K5335Devon Aerodromes48V
HunterF43 CAACU-WV401Devon Aerodromes74R
HurricaneI504 SqdnTM.JV6732Devon Aerodromes52R
HurricaneI601 SqdnUF.K ?P6886Action Stations Revisited 4111R
HurricaneI601 SqdnUF.LV6632Battle for Britain71R
HurricaneI601 Sqdn.UF.KP3886Battle for Britain73R
HurricaneI87 SqdnLK.AP2798Battle for Britain59R
HurricaneI87 SqdnLK.GP2829Devon Aerodromes50/51R
HurricaneIIc247 SqdnZY.SBD936Xtradecal 72113R
JavelinFAW246 Sqdn-XA802Devon Aerodromes73V
MosquitoNF.30151 SqdnDZ.ENT498Mosquito Illustrated Hisory Vol2 by Ian Thirsk153?
MosquitoTT353 CAACU49RS718Devon Aerodromes35R
MosquitoTT353 CAACU54VP181Action Stations Revisited 4114R
Spitfire213 CAACUCLA212Freightdog Decals 72011R
SpitfireIX131 SqdnNX.ZMH852Devon Aerodromes61R
SpitfireLF.VbExeter WingFDEP461Miniprint Decals 72513R
SpitfireLF16E3 CAACU43TE456Devon Aerodromes69R
Spitire213 CAACUPLA322Devon Aerodromes68R
Tiger Moth-10 RFSRSB.AR-5243Devon Aerodromes67R
VampireFB53 CAACU24VZ304Devon Aerodromes71R
VampireFB53 CAACU21WE840Devon Aerodromes72R
VampireT113 CAACU50WZ512RAF Flying Training & Support Units (2nd ed)93R
VampireT113 CAACU71XH304Devon Aerodromes72R
Whirlwind263 SqdnH.HEP6984Action Stations Revisited 4239R
WhirlwindI263 SqdnHE.VP6969Cornish Skies52R
WhirlwindI263 Sqdn.HE.HP6984Battle for Britain92R