RAF Harrowbeer


Opened: 5/8/41 - Care & Maintenance: 1/8/45 - Closed: 13/5/46 but occasional use until 1950


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

500 Sqdn. (det)15/9/416/10/41Blenheim IVTemporary attachment
276 Sqdn. 21/10/414/4/44variousAir-Sea Rescue
130 Sqdn. 25/10/4130/11/41Spitfire 
302 Sqdn. 1/11/415/5/42Spitfire 
286 Sqdn. det. 19421942variousspring 1942
312 Sqdn. 2/5/4210/10/42Spitfire 
175 Sqdn. 10/10/429/12/42Hurricane 
19 Sqdn. det. 19421942Spitfirelate 1942
193 Sqdn. 18/12/4217/8/43Hurricane, Typhoon  
263 Sqdn. 20/2/4315/3/43WhirlwindA Flight only
616 Sqdn. 15/3/4318/3/43Spitfire 
FAAApr 43 Apr 43 Swordfish834 Sqdn. det
414 Sqdn. 26/5/434/6/43Mustang 
183 Sqdn. 5/6/434/8/43Typhoon 
279 Sqdn (det)9/6/4314/12/43Hudson
266 Sqdn.21/9/4315/3/44Typhoon 
Station Flt.19441945various
263 Sqdn. 19/3/4419/6/44Typhoon 
131 Sqdn. 24/3/4424/5/44Spitfire VII  
FAAApr 44 Aug 44 Swordfish838 Sqdn.
156 (GR) Wing 22/4/448/8/44none ? Wing HQ
610 Sqdn. 24/5/4419/6/44Spitfire XIV  
1 Sqdn 20/6/4422/6/44Spitfire 
165 Sqdn. 20/6/4422/6/44Spitfire 
611 Sqdn. 24/6/443/7/44Spitfire 
64 Sqdn. 26/6/4430/8/44Spitfire 
126 Sqdn. 3/7/4430/8/44Spitfire 
275 Sqdn. 12/1/4515/2/45Spitfire, Walrus Air Sea Rescue
26 Sqdn. 14/1/4521/1/45Mustang 
691 Sqdn. 21/2/451/8/45variousTarget towing
26 Sqdn. 3/4/4523/5/45Mustang 
329 Sqdn. 19/6/4516/7/45Spitfire 
19 Group CF 15/12/4729/7/48variousCommunications Flight
82 GS 19/2/4816/8/50Cadet, Sedbergh Gliding School


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
DefiantI276 SqdnAQT3997RAFDEC 7209R
HurricaneIIB175 SqdnHH.EHV555Devon Aerodromes108R
SpitfireIX126 Sqdn5J.GMK126Action Stations Revisited 4130R
SpitfireIX126 Sqdn5J.GMK126Devon Aerodromes111R
SpitfireIXc126 Sqdn5J.GMK126Xtradecal 72110R
SpitfireVB130 SqdnPJ.CAD370Devon Aerodromes107R
SpitfireVII131 SqdnNX.LMD172Spitfire at War vol.375R
TyphoonIB193 SqdnDP.DEJ967Devon Aerodromes109R