Aircraft Losses in Devon & Cornwall
13/07/193722 SqdnVildebeestIIIK4602Crashed on landing, Exeter
19/10/1939SANAnsonIN5055Crashed in sea, Bude
03/11/1939209 SqdnStranraerIK7294Crashed on takeoff, Falmouth
18/01/1940148 SqdnAnsonIN5024Flew into high ground near Totnes
04/06/19405 OTUGladiatorIK7970forcelanded, Combe Martin, Devon
07/11/1940220 SqdnHudsonIP5124ran out of fuel 1m N of Hayle
24/11/1940225 SqdnLysanderIIIT1530Crashed near Chudleigh
29/12/1940263 SqdnWhirlwindIP6975Flew into high ground nr Bovey Tracey
29/12/1940263 SqdnWhirlwindIP6978Flew into high ground nr Bovey Tracey
16/01/1941234 SqdnSpitfireIN3191Lost wings in dive near Truro
19/01/1941263 SqdnWhirlwindIP6984engine failure, Middlemore, S.Devon
14/03/1941271 SqdnHarrowIK6951Hit by bomb in air raid, St.Eval
14/03/1941263 SqdnWhirlwindIP6988spun into ground, Portreath
01/04/1941263 SqdnWhirlwindIP6989crashed near Helston
08/04/194102 Det, RAEHarrowIIK7021Damaged in air raid, Exeter
20/04/1941271 SqdnHarrowIIK7015Crashed after engine fire near Okehampton
10/05/1941400 SqdnLysanderIIIT1436Crashed on landing, Roborough
18/05/1941272 SqdnBeaufighterIT3302Crashed on takeoff, Chivenor
18/05/1941207 SqdnManchesterIL7393Crashed on landing, Perranporth
22/05/1941252 SqdnBeaufighterIT3249Ditched off Mousehole
11/06/194116 SqdnLysanderIIIAV9510Shot down by Bf109 over Exmouth
19/07/1941OADFBeaufighterIT3296Missing betwen Portreath and Gibraltar
20/08/19411 AACUQueen BeeV4800Shot down off Cleave
21/08/1941ASR Flt RoboroughLysanderIIIAV9551Abandoned near Tavistock
29/09/1941263 SqdnWhirlwindIP7009ran out of fuel 5m S of Eddystone light
11/10/1941130 SqdnSpitfireVaP8098Hit hut recovering from dive, Portreath
01/12/194174 WingRotaIK4235forcelanded at Mousehole, Cornwall, repaired
16/12/19415 OTULysanderIIIV9819Crashed near Bideford
24/01/194266 SqdnSpitfireIIaP8430Collided with P7843 5m NW of The Lizard
07/02/194216 SqdnLysanderIIIAV9292Crashed near Chudleigh
22/02/194216 SqdnLysanderIIIAV9507Collided with Hurricane BE586 near Totnes
27/02/19422 AACUHectorIK9783Crashed on takeoff, Roborough
24/03/19421 AACUQueen BeeV4801Disappeared off Cleave
28/03/19421 OADUHudsonIIIV8984Crashed on landing, Portreath
07/06/1942600 SqdnBeaufighterVIBQ.ODitched 7m N of Portreath after destroying Ju88
10/07/19421404 FltHudsonIIIV9174Caught fire while refuelling, St.Eval
19/07/1942130 SqdnSpitfireVBEN888Damaged by flak & crashed into sea off The Lizard
08/09/1942279 SqdnHudsonIIIV8987Hit hill in cloud near St.Eval
18/12/19421618 FltQueen BeeV4752Crashed near Cleave
19/12/1942271 SqdnHarrowIIK7011Missing betwen Portreath and Gibraltar
22/01/1943279 SqdnHudsonIIIV9042Abandoned near Bodmin
10/02/19431404 FltHudsonIIIV8986Missing 30m SE of Isles of Scilly
18/02/1943404 SqdnBeaufighterIIT3440Crashed on approach, Chivenor
25/02/19431444 FltWellingtonIIIDF683Missing betwen Portreath and Gibraltar
15/03/1943307 SqdnMosquitoIIDD634Hit Spitfire AR501 on landing, Exeter
21/03/1943307 SqdnMosquitoIIDZ261Crashed on approach, Exeter
27/03/19431 OADUMosquitoIIDZ699Missing on ferry flight, Portreath to Gibraltar
07/04/194365 SqdnTiger MothDE394Blown over on takeoff, Perranporth
31/05/1943151 SqdnMosquitoIIDZ245Abandoned, Brentworth, Cornwall
23/06/1943157 SqdnMosquitoIIDZ740Collided with DD707 near Predannack
27/07/19431401 FltHudsonIIIV9041Crashed on takeoff, St.Eval
29/07/1943248 SqdnBeaufighterXLX819Hit by Ju88, crashlanded Predannack
15/08/19431 OADUHorsaIDP388Missing on ferry flight, Portreath to North Africa
03/09/1943235 SqdnBeaufighterXLX813Spun into ground near Redruth
12/10/19431449 FltTiger MothDE344Crashed on takeoff, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly
23/10/1943341 SqdnSpitfireVBEP361Dived into ground near Perranporth
17/11/194310 Sqdn RAAFSunderlandIIIDV993Shot down over Bay of Biscay
19/11/1943157 SqdnMosquitoIIDD636Ditched in Bay of Biscay
14/12/1943254 SqdnBeaufighterXLZ191Swung on landing, Predannack
28/12/1943157 SqdnMosquitoIIDZ749Crashed near Predannack
24/01/1944228 SqdnSunderlandIIIDD836Sank in gale, St.Mary's, Isles of Scilly
26/02/1944157 SqdnMosquitoIIDZ707Crashed on approach, Predannack
19/04/1944286 SqdnOxfordIHN148Flew into hill, Devon
29/04/1944286 SqdnOxfordIHN668Overshot and hit hedge, Cleave
17/05/1944151 SqdnMosquitoXIIIMM436Stalled on landing, Predannack
28/05/1944406 SqdnBeaufighterVIFMM843Control lost, abandoned over Devon
21/06/1944235 SqdnBeaufighterXLX947Engine cut, crashed near Camborne
28/06/1944404 SqdnBeaufighterXLZ176Instruments failed, crashed near Launceston
22/07/1944286 SqdnOxfordIHN135Bellylanded near Portreath
06/08/1944236 SqdnBeaufighterXLX942Engine cut, crashed near Perranporth
11/08/1944236 SqdnBeaufighterXLZ293Crashed on approach, Davidstow
02/09/194410 Sqdn RAAFSunderlandIIIDD852Ran aground in Plymouth Sound and broke up.
02/09/1944276 SqdnTiger MothDE475Wrecked in gale, Portreath
09/09/1944406 SqdnMosquitoXXXMM709Swung on landing, Winkleigh
29/10/194415 PAFUOxfordIHN487Bellylanded when lost, Becworthy, Devon
14/01/1945222 SqdnTempestVNV649Dived into sea South of Lands End
13/02/1945222 SqdnTempestVNV648Engine cut, abandoned near Constantine
10/03/19453 GTSHotspurIIHH532Crashed near Exeter
11/03/19453 GTSMasterIIEM408Spun into ground, Devon
16/03/19453 GTSHotspurIIBT552DBR crashlanding 1/2m S of Exeter
25/03/19453 GTSHotspurIIHH248Dived into ground near Exeter
08/04/19453 GTSHotspurIIBT840crashlanded near Exeter
18/04/19453 GTSHotspurIIHH527Crashed on takeoff, Exeter
19/04/19453 GTSHotspurIIBT892Hit tractor avoiding another glider, Exeter
24/04/19453 GTSMasterIIDM278Engine cut on takeoff, Exeter
10/05/19453 GTSHotspurIIBT794crashed on landing, Exeter
14/05/19453 GTSHotspurIIHH448Heavy landing, Exeter
15/05/19453 GTSHotspurIIHH186Heavy landing, Exeter
23/05/1945151 SqdnMosquitoXXXMM759Swung on landing, Predannack
30/05/19453 GTSHotspurIIBT927DBR in heavy landing, Exeter
08/06/1945151 SqdnMosquitoXXXNT473Engine cut, crashed on approach, Predannack
05/07/19453 GTSHotspurIIBV118Crashed on landing, Exeter
16/07/1945406 SqdnMosquitoXXXMM734Stalled on approach, Harrowbeer
04/08/194515 FUBeaufighterXNV430Swung on take-off, Portreath
09/08/1945406 SqdnMosquitoXXXMM745Flew into ground on overshoot, Predannack
01/10/1945151 SqdnMosquitoXXXNT489Swung into hangar on take-off, Predannack
20/12/1946St.MawganTempestVINX145Engine cut, bellylanded near Launceston
22/03/194919 Grp Comms FltMartinetTT1EM439U/C collapsed on landing, St.Eval
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