RAF Mount Batten


(re)Opened: September 1928 - Care & Maintenance: Nov 1945 - Closed: 1957 (for flying, Marine Branch continued).


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

482 Flight15/9/281/1/29SouthamptonBecame 203 Sqdn.
203 Sqdn.1/1/2928/2/29Southampton II
204 Sqdn.1/2/2927/9/35Southampton, Scapa
209 Sqdn.15/1/301/5/35Iris III & V, Southampton II, Saro A.7, Singapore II, Perth, London I, Stranraer, Short R.24/31
204 Sqdn.5/8/362/4/40Scapa, London, Sunderland
Station Flt.??various inc Osprey, Walrus & Seafox
10 Sqdn. RAAF1/4/4031/10/45Sunderland
461 Sqdn.26/4/425/9/42Sunderland


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
IrisIII209 Sqdn-S1263Coastal & Support Sqdns115R
LondonII204 Sqdn-K6927Devon Aerodromes116R
OspreyIII?K3649The K File, Air Britain287?
PorteF5N4570Coastal Command (Ashworth)10?
SouthamptonII204 Sqdn2S1232Cornish Skies39R
SunderlandI10 (RAAF) SqdnRB.EP9600Action Stations Revisited 4204R
SunderlandI10 Sqdn RAAFRB.BN9048Coastal Command (Ashworth)37R
SunderlandI10 Sqdn RAAFRB.SW3984Devon Aerodromes118R
SunderlandI10 Sqdn RAAFRB.UW3986 ?A Child's War in Cornwall19R
SunderlandI204 SqdnRF.CL5802Devon Aerodromes117R
SunderlandIII10 Sqdn RAAFZW4004Coastal Command (Ashworth)91R