RAF Portreath


Opened: 7/3/41 - Closed: 9/10/45.


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

263 Sqdn.18/3/4110/4/41Whirlwind
152 Sqdn. 9/4/4125/8/41Spitfire
247 Sqdn. 10/5/4118/6/41Hurricane
130 Sqdn. 16/6/4125/10/41Spitfire
313 Sqdn. 29/11/4115/12/41Spitfire
66 Sqdn. 14/12/4127/4/42Spitfire
OADUJan 42 10/10/45 Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit
286 Sqdn. det 19421942variousspring 1942
234 Sqdn. 27/4/4223/8/42Spitfire
263 Sqdn. 19421942Whirlwindsummer 1942
264 Sqdn. det. 19421943Mosquito
276 Sqdn. det 1942Apr 44 variousfrom winter 1942. Air Sea Rescue
400 Sqdn. (det)3/12/4223/12/42Mustang I6 a/c for fighter escorts over Biscay
330 (B) Wing 9/12/4218/12/42none ? Wing HQ
153 Sqdn 18/12/4220/12/42Beaufighter
414 Sqdn 4/6/4320/6/43Mustang
1478 Flt. 11/6/4312/6/43?
613 sqdn. 20/6/4315/7/43Mustang
235 Sqdn. 29/8/436/9/44Beaufighter
143 Sqdn. 16/9/4312/2/44Beaufighter
Station Flt.19441946various
248 Sqdn. 17/2/4412/9/44Mosquito VI, XVIII
276 Sqdn. 4/4/4418/9/44variousAir Sea Rescue
153 (GR) Wing 15/4/4414/9/44none ? Wing HQ (for 235 & 248 Sqdns.)
275 Sqdn. det. 19441945variousfrom summer 1944. Air Sea Rescue
639 Sqdn. det. 19441945Henley, Hurricane from summer 1944. Target towing
ASDU19441945Wellington, Warwick Anti-Submarine Development Unit ?
277 Sqdn. det. 19441945variousfrom late 1944. Air Sea Rescue


The general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
HalifaxV srsI (special)295 SqdnNNEB139IWM onlineCM 6934V
MosquitoFBVI235 SqdnW.3HR118Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 6948/52R
MosquitoFBVI235 SqdnW.3HR118SAM Combat Colours No633/38R
MosquitoFBVI235 SqdnTLR347SAM Combat Colours No638R
MosquitoFBXVIII248 SqdnONT225SAM Combat Colours No636/37R
MosquitoFBXVIII248 Sqdn0NT225IWM onlineCH 14113R
MosquitoVI248 SqdnTLR347Coastal Command (Ashworth)114R
WarwickI276 SqdnAQ.PBV531Jefford (1st ed)10R
WarwickI276 SqdnAQ.PBV531Cornish Skies66R