RAF St.Eval


Opened: 2/10/39 - Closed: 8/5/59.


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

217 Sqdn.2/10/3929/10/41Anson, Beaufortre-equpped Sept 40
6 CPF 15/1/4027/5/40Tiger Moth Coastal Protection Flight
C Flt. 2 AACU27/4/4016/8/40 Shark, Battle  
234 Sqdn. 18/6/4014/8/40Spitfire I  
48 Sqdn. det. Jun 40 Jun 40 Beaufort 
PRU det.1/7/4018/10/42 PR Spifires became 543 Sqdn
236 Sqdn. det Jul 40 8/8/40Blenheim IVF  
238 Sqdn. 14/8/4010/9/40Hurricane 
247 Sqdn. det 8/405/41Gladiator, Hurricane based at Roborough
234 Sqdn. 11/9/4024/2/41Spitfire I  
FAA7/10/403/11/40Albacore829 Sqdn.
254 Sqdn. det. 19401940Blenheimlate 1940
FAANov 40 Dec 40 Swordfish812 Sqdn. det.
404 Flt. 24/12/408/3/41Blenheim IV became 1404 Flt
263 Sqdn. det 29/12/4024/2/41Whirlwindbased at Exeter
FAA31/1/416/2/41Skua801 Sqdn.
53 Sqdn. det 22/2/4120/3/41Blenheim IV  
263 Sqdn. 24/2/4118/3/41Whirlwind 
1404 Flt 8/3/4111/8/43Blenheim IV, Hudson III/IV, Albemarle, Hampden, Ventura II  
53 Sqdn. 20/3/413/7/41Blenheim IV  
206 Sqdn. 30/5/4112/8/41Hudson 
233 Sqdn. 8/8/412/1/42Hudson 
502 Sqdn (det)12/10/194114/10/41Whitley6 a/c for Atlantic sweep
53 Sqdn. 19/10/4117/12/41Hudson 
22 Sqdn. 28/10/411/2/42Beaufort 
224 Sqdn. 9/12/4119/2/42Hudson 
86 Sqdn. 10/1/425/3/42Beaufort 
502 Sqdn 22/2/422/3/43Whitley, Halifax  
58 Sqdn. 8/4/4230/8/42Whitley 
415 Sqdn. 11/4/4216/5/42Hampden TB1  
489 Sqdn 9/5/4213/6/42Hampden TB1  
53 Sqdn. 16/5/423/7/42Hudson 
61 Sqdn (det)16/7/4223/8/42Lancaster I8 aircraft. R5724 QR.F sank U-751 on 17/7/42
10 OTU det 4/8/4223/7/43Whitley 
50 Sqdn (det)20/8/4223/8/42Lancaster I7 aircraft
279 Sqdn (det)23/8/425/2/43Hudson
500 Sqdn. 30/8/425/11/42Hudson 
407 Sqdn 1/10/427/11/42Hudson 
161 Sqdn (det)2/10/4212/2/43 ?Havoc, AlbemarleComms with French agents/boats
415 Sqdn. (det)18/10/4231/10/42Hampden TB1 6 a/c
543 Sqdn 19/10/4215/10/43PR Spitfires 
FAA11/3/4315/4/43Swordfish833 Sqdn.
502 Sqdn. 25/3/4330/6/43Halifax 
58 Sqdn. 31/3/4329/6/43Halifax 
415 Sqdn. 11/4/4324/8/43Hampden TB1  
224 Sqdn. 25/4/4311/9/44Liberator 
517 Sqdn. 11/8/4325/11/43Hudson III, Hampden  
143 Sqdn. 27/8/4316/9/43Beaufighter 
541 Sqdn 15/10/4318/7/44PR Spitfires  
612 Sqdn. 1/11/433/12/43Wellington 
GCA Flt.(det)Nov 4326/6/44Oxford
407 Sqdn 3/11/432/12/43Wellington 
53 Sqdn. 3/1/447/9/44Liberator 
547 Sqdn. 10/1/4429/9/44Liberator 
206 Sqdn. 12/4/4411/7/44Liberator 
FAA7/8/4426/8/44Avenger849 Sqdn.
282 Sqdn. 19/9/449/7/45Warwick, Sea Otter  
179 Sqdn. 1/11/4430/9/46Warwick, Lancaster  
Station Flt.19451956various
304 Sqdn. 3/3/459/7/45Wellington 
224 Sqdn. 20/7/4510/11/47Liberator, Lancaster  
210 Sqdn. 1/6/4610/9/52Lancaster 
228 Sqdn. 1/6/4630/9/46Liberator 
203 Sqdn. 16/1/4715/8/52Lancaster 
19 Grp Comms Flt 29/7/4827/8/51Anson 
220 Sqdn. 14/11/514/12/56Shackleton 
217 Sqdn. 14/1/527/4/52Neptune MR1  
240 Sqdn. 27/5/525/6/52Shackleton 
42 Sqdn. 28/6/528/10/58Shackleton 
206 Sqdn. 27/9/5214/1/58Shackleton 
228 Sqdn. 1/7/5429/11/56Shackleton 
228 Sqdn. 14/1/586/3/59Shackleton 


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
AnsonI217 SqdnMW.FK6285Battle for Britain42R
BeaufighterI248 SqdnWR.FT4776Coastal Command (Ashworth)49R
BeaufighterIC248 SqdnWR.FT4776Airfield Focus 78R
BeaufortI217 SqdnMW.RL9878Cornish Skies53R
BeaufortI42 SqdnAW.KW6498Action Stations Revisited 4255R
HalifaxGRII srsI (sp)502 SqdnJ2HR686Osprey Combat Aircraft 14 - Halifax Squadrons of WWII65R
HalifaxGRII srsI (sp)502 SqdnJ2HR686Coastal Command (Ashworth)132R
HavocI161 SqdnMA.ZAW399Flights of The Forgotten by K.MerrickphotosR
HudsonI206 SqdnVX.MP5143Action Stations Revisited 4255R
HudsonI206 SqdnVX.FP5143Cornish Skies55R
HudsonI206 Sqdn?P5143 ?Aviation in Cornwall59R
HudsonIKings Flight-N7263Airfield Focus 75V
LancasterGR3224 SqdnXB.FPB529Airfield Focus 716R
LancasterMR.III203 SqdnCJ.GSW329Model Alliance decals 72210R
LiberatorGR.VI224 SqdnXB.SEW309Action Stations Revisited 4259R
LiberatorGRVI224 SqdnXB.SEW309Airfield Focus 714R
LiberatorGRVIII224 SqdnXB.JKK332Airfield Focus 712R
MartinetTT1SF2A.D ?EM439RAF Aircraft EA100-EZ99992R
MosquitoPR3458 SqdnOT.ARG300Coastal Command (Ashworth)197V
OxfordEmpire Radio Sch.FC.UDHN117Air Britain HA100-HZ999103V
ShackletonMR.2220 SqdnT.KWL737Model Alliance decals 72210R
ShackletonMR.2228 Sqdn228.XWR960Action Stations Revisited 4261R
ShackletonMR1A206 SqdnBWG510Airfield Focus 719R
ShackletonMR1A206 SqdnBWG510Cornish Skies94R
SpitfireFPRULYX4384Coastal Command (Ashworth)156R
SpitfireXI541 SqdnMB787Coastal Command (Ashworth)164R
WarwickGR.V179 SqdnOZ.VPN811Action Stations Revisited 4260R
WarwickGRV179 SqdnOZ.RPN807Coastal Command (Ashworth)142R
WellingtonGR.XIV304 SqdnQD.VHF448304 Squadron (Mushroom)62R
WhitleyV10 OTUJL.WZ6795Coastal Command (Ashworth)81R
WhitleyVII502 SqdnHBD569Man is not Lost by 'Dickie' RichardsonphotosR
WhitleyVII502 SqdnYG.RBD572Man is not Lost by 'Dickie' RichardsonphotosR