RAF Predannack


Opened: May 1941 - Closed: 1/6/46 (as RAF station).


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

247 Sqdn.18/6/4117/5/42Hurricane IIA,B,C
600 Sqdn. Jun 41 2/9/42Beaufighter I, II
118 Sqdn. det. 19411941Spitfireautumn 1941
1457 Flt. 15/11/418/9/42Havoc, Boston Turbinlite, became 536 Sqdn.
234 sqdn. 24/12/4131/12/41Spitfire
310 sqdn. 9/2/4211/2/42Spitfire
25 Sqdn. det. 19421942Havocsummer 1942
120 Sqdn. det. 19421942Liberatorsummer 1942
165 Sqdn. det. 19421942Spitfiresummer 1942
406 Sqdn. 8/9/428/12/42Beaufighter
536 Sqdn. 8/9/4227/10/42Havoc, Hurricane Turbinlite squadron
66 Sqdn. 26/9/4229/9/42Spitfire
236 Sqdn. det. 19421943Beaufighterfrom late 1942
604 Sqdn. 7/12/4218/2/43Beaufighter
64 Sqdn. 9/12/422/1/43Spitfire
263 Sqdn (det)2/1/4323/1/43WhirlwindFour aircraft
248 Sqdn. 18/1/4317/2/44Beaufighter, Mosquito
141 Sqdn. 18/2/4330/4/43Beaufighter
263 Sqdn (det)20/3/4323/3/43WhirlwindTen aircraft
307 Sqdn. Apr 43 9/11/43Mosquito
264 Sqdn. 30/4/437/11/43Mosquito
410 Sqdn. det. 19431943Mosquito
85 Sqdn. det. 19431943Mosquitosummer 1943
456 Sqdn. det. 19431943varioussummer 1943
266 Sqdn. det. 19431943Typhoonautumn 1943
618 Sqdn. det 19431944Mosquitofrom autumn 1943
183 Sqdn. 14/10/431/2/44Typhoon
157 Sqdn. 9/11/437/5/44Mosquito
414 Sqdn. det. 19431943Mustangwinter 1943
304 Sqdn. 13/12/4319/2/44Wellington
Station Flt.19441946various
311 Sqdn. 23/2/447/8/44Liberator
165 Sqdn. 2/4/4420/6/44Spitfire
152 (GR) Wing 15/4/447/9/44none ? Wing HQ (179, 311, 524 Sqdns)
179 Sqdn. 28/4/446/9/44Wellington
1 Sqdn. 29/4/4420/6/44Spitfire
234 Sqdn. 19/6/4428/8/44Spitfire
611 Sqdn. 3/7/4417/7/44Spitfire
604 Sqdn24/9/445/12/44Mosquito XIII
264 Sqdn. 25/9/4430/11/44Mosquito XIII
33 Sqdn. 15/12/4421/2/45Typhoon
222 Sqdn. 15/12/4421/2/45Spitfire, Tempest
349 Sqdn. 16/2/4519/4/45Spitfire LF.IXe, Typhoon FR.Ib, Tempest Vre-equipment with Tempest never completed
485 Sqdn. 25/2/4519/4/45Spitfire, Tempest
151 Sqdn. 17/5/4519/4/46Mosquito XXX
406 Sqdn. 14/6/451/9/45Mosquito XXX
Vickers Oct 1954 experimentalsBarnes Wallis Goose & Swallow swing-wing projects
FAA15/12/54  Satellite for Culdrose - current (2007)
626 VGS Oct 68 1990variousVolunteer Gliding School
626 VGSJul 91  Vigilantcurrent (2007)


Also the general references listed on the RAF in Devon & Cornwall home page

Modelling Notes for individual aircraft

Pictorial References For Modellers
BeaufighterVIC248 SqdnGJL447IWM onlineHU 91923R
BeaufighterVIF600 SqdnBQ.IX8023IWM onlineCH 17800R
HavocII Turbinlite536 SqdnHAH497Ducimus Camouflage & Markings RAF Fighter Command 1939-45228,238/9R
HuricaneIIc247 SqdnZY.SBD936Action Stations Revisited 4243R
HurricaneIIC247 SqdnZY.SBD936IWM onlineCH 5487R
HurricaneIIc247 SqdnZY.VBE634Action Stations Revisited 4243R
HurricaneIIC247 SqdnZY.VBE634Cornish Skies57R
MosquitoFBVI151 SqdnDZ.PHR250Osprey Aircraft of the Aces6967R
MosquitoNFII157 SqdnRS.TW4092IWM onlineHU 93019R
MosquitoNFII264 SqdnPS.DDD636Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 6910R
MosquitoNFII264 SqdnPS.DDD636Osprey Combat Aircraft 939R
MosquitoNFII264 SqdnPS.DDD636SAM Combat Colours No66R
MosquitoNFII264 SqdnPS.GDD724Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 6910R
WellingtonGRXIV179 SqdnPNB772Coastal Command (Ashworth)130R